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She has also strung words together to create articles that are hyperlinked below in chronological order. She has the capacity to edit.

“Influential for whom? Traversing the Manila arts climate with the cultural producers of Planting Rice + Green Papaya”, AQNB (November 2017)

“Extending the outreach: YEI takes us on a virtual walking tour of some of Mexico City’s most exciting independent art spaces”, AQNB (July 2017)

“Francesca Altamura talks to LADRÓNgaleria co-founder Marek Wolyfryd on sustaining the alternative in Mexico”, AQNB (June 2017)

Captures from the US: Digital Protests in NYC, Screen Shot Magazine, ed. with Yair Oded (June 2017)

"Part II // Alienating Objects," Screen Shot Magazine (April 2017)

"Part I // Alien Objects," Screen Shot Magazine (April 2017)

"Is Slacktivism Wacktavism?," Screen Shot Magazine (January 2017)

"Know Your Memes,” Screen Shot Magazine (July 2016)

"M3M3Z ICA Insta-T.O 4 CTRL," Institute of Contemporary Art (July 2016)

“embassyHACK Insight,” Screen Shot Magazine (May 2016)

Judd, Andre, Deshayes and the Concept of ‘Specific Objects’,” ARTUNER (December 2015)

"In Conversation with Teresa Hubbard and Alexander Birchler," Ballroom Marfa (April 2014)