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”I do?”

Similar to a life-partner, the internet consumes your time and energy, and expects commitment.

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, (FΛG) invited artists to show-off their collection of internet keepsakes, those items which they just couldn't help but keep in their shoe-box junk folder, with contributions from FΛG Inclusive, Gabriela Acha, Laura Juo-Hsin ChenSamuel FouracreRobert Thomas Heppell, Maria Dela O GarridoIsaac KariukiNandi LoafRachel McRaeScott Ramsay KyleJoe Ridgeon, Trireme (Samantha Harvey), and Michael Turnbull.

"I do?" was a digital project hosted on Cosmos Carl - a platform parasite from Friday 17 February to Friday 3 March, 2017.

(FΛG), pronounced fag, is an alternative commissioning platform focused on feminist and queer futures, between Francesca Altamura, a New Yorker, and W. Giovanni Gonzales, a New Mexican.

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