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She’s working on a support structure and incubator called HOST with artist and organizer Peter Brock.

She is on the bargaining committee of the NewMuU, New Museum Union x UAW LOCAL 2110. Unions are not for coal miners but for art workers too! Collectively, we’re making waves and supporting each other. 

Check out the reckoning in order of date:

April 22, 2019: “The New Museum’s Union Resistance Contradicts Its Radical Inception,” by Hazel Cills in Jacobin

April 1, 2019: “Issues & Commentary: Fight at the New Museum,” by Sarah Resnick in Art in America

January 24, 2019: “New Museum Union Votes to Join Local 2110,” by Alex Greenberger in artnews

January 24, 2019: “Workers at New Museum in Manhattan Vote to Unionize,” by Colin Moynihan in New York Times

January 23, 2019: “Fight at the New Museum: an Interview with Lily Bartle,” by Meagan Day in Jacobin

January 23, 2019: “Imminent Union Vote Sparks Debate at Manhattan’s New Museum,” by Colin Moynihan in New York Times

January 22, 2019: “Episode 29—New Musuem Union,” Dana Kopel, Lily Bartle, and Alicia Graziano, Art and Labor Podcast (dur. 1:05:26 mins)

January 18, 2019: “New Museum Employees Voting to Unionize,” by Eva Hagberg Fisher in Architect Magazine

January 14, 2019: “The Gray Market: Why the New Museum’s Union Reckoning Reflects a Much Bigger Problem (and Other Insights),” by Tim Schneider in artnet

January 11, 2019: “New Museum Staff Launches Campaign to Unionize, Urging ‘Critical Changes’”, by Jasmine Weber in Hyperallergic

January 10, 2019: “The New Museum’s Staff is Pushing to Unionize—and Top Leadership is Not at All Happy About It,” by Ben Davis & Sarah Cascone in artnet

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She co-organized, with curators Anna Hugo, Sally Hughes (Dia), and Adeze Wilford (The Shed), the Curatorial Assistants of New York inaugural meet-n-greet at Independent Art Fair in March 2019. It was cute.

In December 2016 she travelled to Essen for Impact16 and met cool people like artist Ofri Cnaani and artist / co-founder of TIER Benjamin Busch.

In July 2018 she met new Russian friends like curator Lizaveta Matveeva in St. Petersburg at Back Apartment Residency.