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She’s working on a project called HOST with artist and organizer Peter Brock.

In December 2016 she travelled to Essen for Impact16 and met cool people like artist Ofri Cnaani and artist / co-founder of TIER Benjamin Busch

In July 2018 she met new Russian friends like curator Lizaveta Matveeva in St. Petersburg at Back Apartment Residency (everyone should apply!).

She co-organized, with curators Anna Hugo, Sally Hughes (Dia), and Adeze Wilford (The Shed), the Curatorial Assistant’s of New York to meet each other at Independent Art Fair in March 2019. It was cute.

She’s on the bargaining committee of the NuMuU (New Museum Union x UAW LOCAL 2110). Unions are not for coal miners but for art workers too. Collectively, we’re making waves and supporting each other. 

Check out the reckoning in order of date:

January 24, 2019: “New Museum Union Votes to Join Local 2110,” by Alex Greenberger in artnews

January 24, 2019: “Workers at New Museum in Manhattan Vote to Unionize,” by Colin Moynihan in New York Times

January 23, 2019: “Fight at the New Museum: an Interview with Lily Bartle,” with Meagan Day in Jacobin

January 23, 2019: “Imminent Union Vote Sparks Debate at Manhattan’s New Museum,” by Colin Moynihan in New York Times

January 22, 2019: “Episode 29—New Musuem Union,” Dana Kopel, Lily Bartle, and Alicia Graziano, Art and Labor Podcast (dur. 1:05:26 mins)

January 18, 2019: “New Museum Employees Voting to Unionize,” by Eva Hagberg Fisher in Architect Magazine

January 14, 2019: “The Gray Market: Why the New Museum’s Union Reckoning Reflects a Much Bigger Problem (and Other Insights),” by Tim Schneider in artnet

January 11, 2019: “New Museum Staff Launches Campaign to Unionize, Urging ‘Critical Changes’”, by Jasmine Weber in Hyperallergic

January 10, 2019: “The New Museum’s Staff is Pushing to Unionize—and Top Leadership is Not at All Happy About It,” by Ben Davis & Sarah Cascone in artnet