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Crossing Wires

Has the spoken word become an inconvenience, an interruption? Is it just too demanding (that singular call to grandma on her birthday), flat (how are you? good. how are you? good.), and labored? Has the voice call been one up’ed by a number of available alternatives? The intimacy of voice-2-voice speech is a form of communication that cannot and show not be lost. 

BetaBabes for Isthisit? invited digital collaborators to take part in their experimental collect call. Remember telephone anyone? BetaBabes experiments with their audio-note scat, one-2-one with Dan Adeyemi, [ANTI]MATERIA, DRIVE-THRU, Cédric Fauq [Clearview Ltd.], Sofia Gallarate [Screen Shot], Shira Jeczmien [Screen Shot], Irina Makarova [ALT ESC], Off Site Project, Maisie Florence Post, Gaby Sahhar, Rachel Rosen Ltd ed, and Wade Wallerstein.

BetaBabes is an experimental artist and curatorial collective composed of Francesca Altamura & Tamar Clarke-Brown working at the intersection of art, poetic computation and networked technology. BetaBabes are interested in informal formats and dialogues.

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